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Report to Legal Authorities

UC Merced Police Department

Police officers are available to answer questions, take reports and refer to appropriate jurisdiction depending on where crime took place. 

In an emergency, dial 911 to contact local law enforcement.


(209) 228-8273 (Business Hours) 
(209) 228-2677 (24 Hours) 
(209) 228-7866 (Fax)

(209) 228-2677 (CAT COPS)
9-9-1-1 from any campus phone
9-1-1 From Cellular Phone

Confidentiality in Reporting Crimes

When reporting crimes to the police, individuals who are survivors (victims of crime) have rights to keep certain information confidential, including protecting victim and witness information in police, arrest and investigative reports. You may want to contact the Campus Advocate to discuss your options before you report, and it is your right to have an advocate present while you talk to law enforcement or campus officials. 

  • UC Merced Campus Advocate: 209-386-2051 
  • Valley Crisis Center 24-hour hotline: 209-722-4357

Campus Police are Responsible Employees