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Protected Categories

A Protected Category is an identity protected by federal and state law.  An individual has one or more Protected Categories, including the following:

•    Race, 
•    Religion, 
•    Color, 
•    Citizenship, 
•    National or ethnic origin, 
•    Ancestry, 
•    Sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, lactation or related medical conditions), 
•    Gender, 
•    Gender identity, 
•    Gender expression, 
•    Gender transition, 
•    Sexual orientation, 
•    Physical or mental disability (including having a history of a disability or being regarded as being disabled), 
•    Medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), 
•    Predisposing genetic information (including family medical history), 
•    Marital status, 
•    Age (at least 40 years of age), or 
•    Veteran or military status

Please Note:  The Protected Category definitions apply for the purposes of the Anti-Discrimination Policy only.  

Harassment occurs when unwelcome conduct is based on an individual's actual or perceived Protected Category. Discrimination occurs when unfavorable action is taken because of an individual’s actual or perceived Protected Category.  

Please see the Definitions Section of the Anti-Discrimination Policy for the full definitions of Harassment and Discrimination.

For more information on Protected Categories, see the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and California Civil Rights Department.