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Resources for Discrimination & Sexual Violence

UC Merced offers resources to all campus affiliates who are experiencing discrimination or sexual violence & sexual harassment. 

If you are concerned for your immediate health or safety, the UC Merced Police Department is available at 209 - 228 - 2677, or by dialing 9-911 from any campus phone.

Resources for Incidents of Discrimination & Harassment

  • Visit this page for educational & reporting information about discrimination & harassment based on protected categories.
  • Discrimination and harassment complaints are also known as Equal Employment Opportunity or Title VII complaints (Title VII is pronounced: "Title 7")

Resources for Incidents of Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment

  • Visit this page for educational & reporting information about sexual violence & sexual harassment.
  • Download the Resource & Referral Options handout
  • Sexual violence & sexual harassment complaints are also known as Title IX complaints. (Title IX is pronounced: "Title 9") 

University Policies

  • Visit this page to learn more about the different policies regarding discrimination and sexual violence/sexual harassment
  • Learn more about the DOE Title IX Regulations

Confidential & Reporting Resources

Depending on their roles at UC Merced, staff and faculty have varying reporting responsibilities and abilities to maintain confidentiality. In order to make informed choices, one should be aware of confidentiality and mandatory reporting requirements when consulting campus resources.  Confidential resources are not required to report, however the resources listed on Report to Campus Administration and Report to Legal Authorities pages are required to report. 

Find Confidential Resources