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About OPHD

What We Do

OPHD works to resolve complaints of discrimination and harassment through formal investigation or alternative resolution. We explain and clarify university policies and procedures regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. We collaborate with other UC Merced offices in resolving complaints and we offer a variety of training programs and workshops in the prevention of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and all forms of discrimination for students, faculty, and staff.

UC Merced is an exciting and vibrant community of individuals dedicated to contributing to the betterment of our local, national, and international communities. Join us in our ongoing commitment to take the individual steps necessary to create a more just, fair, and equitable community.


Our Staff


Kim Overdyck (she/her/hers)
Director and Title IX Officer
(209) 285-9510


J.P. Pham (she/they)
Executive Policy Analyst &
Special Projects Coordinator
(209) 382-5196                                               

Shasta Behbehelieh (she/her/hers)
(209) 506-0943

Lynna Cano (she/her)
(209) 506-0617

Ian Cooke
Response Team and Prevention Coordinator

Deputy Director